New Class! Dia Des Los Muertos

Today I’ve been working on a new class. Halloween is always a big holiday for us, but Day of The Dead seems ripe with creative opportunity. So, a Day of The Dead assemblage class it is! I’m going to put together an altar/assemblage over the next 2 days and then on Tuesday I’m dropping my sample and course description off.  As scary as it is, I really think teaching is the next level for me. It’s another way to spread my art (and love of it) plus being around other creative folk has always been inspiring to me.


Bunnies, kitties and birds. Oh my!

Tonight I’ve already had a nap and eaten a snack. Now its time to get down to the new jewelry designs. I have ideas for bunnies, cats and birds. I’ve never been a huge fan of birds, but since they’re become so ubiquitous I’ve begun to see the appeal. The ability to take wing, to fly. It’s all a great metaphor for life, isn’t it? I’m setting my goals high (not one new design, but five) so I have a bunch of new pieces this weekend. Then there’s the challenge of photographing them. This weekend will be dreary, so as long as its not raining it should be ok to shoot them outside. Lack of bright sun means no glare or reflection!

Hello world!

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